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Common Questions about IT:

  • Is your business suffering because of IT problems?

  • Are you looking for instant and reliable IT support?

  • Is your system running slowly?

  • Is your system at risk of being crippled by malicious viruses?

  • Is your data back-up robust and reliable if disaster strikes?

If any of the above sounds familiar, you are not alone, but the team at Smart IT can help you ensure that your IT contributes to the smooth running of your business and protects you from external threats. Every day businesses suffer because they are failing to apply best practice for their IT network. IT problems are extremely frustrating, harmful and have a negative impact on business productivity. With Smart IT, we guarantee to make IT down time a thing of the past. We pride ourselves on delivering a service which will support your business needs. Our round the clock support and rapid response will give you peace of mind so there is no more stress about your IT provision. Our clients use Smart IT because we give them a great return on their IT investment as a cost efficient alternative to an IT department. We can do the same for you, advising on and supporting all of your IT needs with a first-class service which lets you get on with the day job.

My IT system is not running efficiently, is prone to crashes and we are unable to work remotely. What can Smart IT do to help?

We will pay close attention to your business IT network and make invaluable improvements by configuring it to industry best practice standards which will not let you down. 

We are accredited by major IT vendors – including Microsoft - and will advise you on the very best solutions for both hardware and software, which will easily scale as your business grows.

With our remote and support monitoring systems, we will keep a close eye on your network and if there is a glitch we will spot it and fix it quick before it stops your business in its tracks.

I am worried that harmful viruses could affect our system, our inboxes are also being target by spam emails.  Can Smart IT help?

Yes. We believe that prevention is better than any cure and so we will ensure that your email and Internet usage is safe from malicious attacks.

We can stop dangerous threats – even those which are not detectable by traditional antivirus scanners - from infecting and crippling your system and computers

We have a backup system but we are concerned that if our system fails or our servers are destroyed by fire that our current data back-up process is not fit for purpose.                    Is there anything we can do? 

Being prepared for a disaster is vital – the vast majority of businesses which suffer significant data loss go bust within two years.

Smart IT can help you protect your IT systems and critical data with our secure backup and disaster recovery solutions. We will ensure that your data management process is reliable and really does protect your business, so you will never lose a scrap of data whatever the disaster.

We need IT help but don't want the expense of an in-house IT departments?  Is this possible? 

Yes. We use cutting-edge monitoring technology to deliver remote and onsite IT support, together with a first class service for the ongoing management of your systems.

Our support service guarantees that your IT systems will work reliably and at peak performance at all times.

We will act as your IT department and keep a close eye on the performance of your network. And by leaving us to look after your network, you can get on with what really matters – making your business more successful.

We will spot problems in your system before you even know that they exist. And our friendly and professional engineers will act quickly to fix them before they become a problem for your business.

Whatever your IT support needs, we tailor a service just for you and will work hard to keep your system up and running smoothly.

We currently have one office but what if we want to expand and need to increase the size of our network?

Whether you have a small business on one site with 10 employees or have a multi-national company with hundreds of employees with a host of servers, we will create a comprehensive and best practice IT network. It will work for you and will not let you down.

Smart IT ensures that your system is scalable and future-proof, enabling your IT to expand easily and cost effectively as you grow.

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