Protection against the loss of your critical data has never been more important


Network Support to maintain and protect your IT systems

Smart IT can provide you with a comprehensive IT network support service which includes remote server technology , wide area network, online data back up and disaster recovery facilities. We will look after your network support needs just like we do for many of our clients across a host of industries, many of whom have 24/7, multi-site operations with mission critical network and server technology needs. Our cloud, internet and data storage solutions can also protect and secure your online business assets and store critical data. It’s our job to ensure that your IT network and computer technology is reliable and trouble free, whatever the size of your business.  And protecting against the loss of your critical data has never been more important.

With our backup and disaster recovery services and solutions, you have peace of mind that that your entire network, email system and data storage mechanisms are fully protected. 

  “Smart IT represents us like a genuine business partner which is exactly what you need to ensure your IT stays effective and delivers what you need every day.”

Smart cloud technology

Our cloud based server technology, programs and applications allow you access to a whole host of lower cost service facilities with no need for on-site installation.

Disaster recovery

By using Smart IT’s online data back up and disaster recovery service your business critical applications and data is continuously replicated off site, so you are protected from accidental deletion, malicious attack, or hardware failure.

Hosted exchange servers

Our web security service and hosted exchange servers for email scan entire content of websites in real-time, as well as both inbound and outbound internet and email traffic.

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