Our design principles are not just based on providing you with an attractive and navigable website , but also ensuring that it helps generate more revenue to maximise your online sales


End to end e-commerce functionality using Odoo

If you are seeking to grow your business with online sales, Smart IT are specialists in e-commerce systems, integrated web technologies and website development.

We can give you give customised e-commerce solutions and an online presence that will allow your customers to transact securely and encourage them to make repeat visits and purchases.

We help clients across many industry sectors with the creation of online retail and purchasing facilities, booking and ordering functionality and systems which manage stock and financial processes more efficiently.

Our Odoo e-commerce solutions are also designed with functionality and payment systems based around your own particular needs.

“Smart IT has given us a strong platform for selling online and developing our e-commerce capability further, helping us keep loved ones and elderly relatives well fed and nourished.”

- Icare Group

Odoo eCommerce - Ready to use, out-of-the-box

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Shopping cart integration

With Odoo based systems, we can seamlessly link your e-commerce website to all the major shopping cart platforms, including Amazon and Ebay.

End to end functionality 

Odoo's flexible functionality ensures that your Ecommerce interface becomes an integral part of your business processes. It means we can align your online presence and Ecommerce site with your back office stock management and financial systems.

Transaction data security

With Odoo we can deliver powerful Ecommerce platforms to safely cater for payment methods, ensure a robust system is in place to protect financial data and help you meet payment protection regulations.

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